Share Your Desktop – April 2022

This month we’re back into a virtual world for Clare’s Share Your Desktop challenge. On March 28th I took a load from Bourges, in mainland France, to Ajaccio on the Island of Corsica. After a break, on 31st I once more climbed into my truck and collected a load of frozen meat bound for Hamburg in Germany. My desktop is an image from my run down to Porto Vecchio to catch the ferry to Marseille…


…and shows my truck on the T40 climbing up to the town of Sartène. High above on the hillside is the Couvent Saint Côme et Damien. I love driving through Corsica – lots of challenging corners and climbs / descents😎

The image is from Euro Truck Simulator 2. The truck I’m driving is called Lady Galadriel – she’s a DAF XF and has a 530HP engine. She’s hauling one of my company’s side door refrigerated trailers. Like all maps in ETS2, the view is a representation of the real world with a degree of license applied to give a feel for the landscape through which the player drives while including clearly identifiable landmarks. You probably can’t see the Convent from the T40 in real life because of the trees and the topography, but the mapper’s artistry makes for a compelling ‘might have been’ view😎👍


  1. I’m still in awe regarding the reality of this simulator – and as Brian says – be careful on those bends 🤣 Thank you so much for sharing with me, Martin, and once again joining in on the SYD fun.

    1. Glad to join in Clare and thanks for running the Challenge😀 It is very easy to roll your truck over if you have the game set to realistic settings, so care is definitely required. Heavier loads are more likely to roll than light ones and 24t of bottled water can be very volatile in the rolling sense 🤣

      1. 😂 A very long time ago when I was a beginner 😎 However, on my other profile I sometimes test new trucks including seeing how stable they are so I do have the occasional deliberate rollover there. But no, in my ‘Company’ profile we drive with a great deal of care👍

    1. Thanks Pepper😎 Truck simulator games are relaxing fun. Most of the time you can sit back and enjoy the scenery. I have a full driving set up with wheel, pedals and gearshift but the game is designed so that you can play with just a mouse and keyboard 😀

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