Dusk on Bishopsgate


Trying out the Flickr Embed block as an alternative to loading images to WordPress. The image looks awful on the edit page but appears ok on preview and in the published post. Visitors clicking on the image will be taken to my Flickr page where they can view the full size image if they wish.


    1. Yes – I upload all my shots to Flickr, so seems silly to upload them here too! It used to be a pain to embed Flickr links, or YouTube ones, using background HTML but these new blocks make it so easy. Should have started earlier😎👍

    1. Thanks Debra😎👍 When you’re in New Post or Edit mode open the Block Inserter then scroll down to the section marked Embeds – You’ll find Flickr there along with most other photo and video sites. Just paste your link into the field on the new block it creates. I am adding lightbox/ after the image number at the end of the link (1991953288/lightbox/ for example) so that people who click on the image see the larger view of the photo on Flickr. Hope that helps 👍

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