Ferme du Vieux Chêne

As predicted in the previous post, my new Massey Ferguson 5S.105 has been very busy during the first week of May, taking on fertilizing and spraying jobs. One of these was particularly satisfying – fertilizing a field of potatoes…


…that I had actually sown for my neighbour 😎 I also handled a number of spraying jobs to kill off weeds…


In between, I tried out a John Deere 7R tractor with a Vaderstad seeder on hire for a large sowing job…


…and my Massey 6716S did a smaller sowing job…


…using my Amazone seeder. The Massey 5S could have handled this but I think it’s good to have the extra power in reserve.

My crop of Sorghum came through…


…and I applied a second dose of fertilizer…


So with both my crops growing well I applied some thought to further changes to the farm. I have already boosted my Solar energy supply by adding a panel by the farmhouse and beside the workshop. Now I need to look to the short and long-term future. I would like to get into livestock on some level in time. I think Chickens are a possible option and eggs do provide reasonable additional income. The one barrier to that is how to transport any Chickens that I buy or sell – there was a mod in FS19, allowing you to transport them in standard animal trailers but that has not ported across yet. I don’t think this map is set up for sheep, cows or pigs – it really does seem more of an arable area. However, there is one form of ‘livestock’ that doesn’t require that you transport anything other than their produce. I decided to use some of my recent earnings to buy an installation of beehives which I have located in the grassy area behind the farmhouse…


…If you look closely you may see some of the Bees buzzing off to get nectar and pollen. The honey produced is delivered to a collection area near the farmhouse…


…2 crates of honey on the pallet already😀👍

Although I have gone with Bees, I will be adding Chickens at some time in the future. I’m also planning my next farm expansion. A look at the map and I think my next target should be field 20…


…So I think I had better start saving up for the €245K that purchase will cost me.

The cycle of buying/collecting consumables…


…then fertilizing/spraying neighbour’s fields…


…will continue through into summer. I will also have some income from my Soya Bean harvest that is stored in the railway company’s silo. The prices are going up now and will soon peak for that crop…


I will have to get my own silo soon in case the railway company loses patience with me😉 It’s always ‘spend’ on Ferme du Vieux Chêne but overall, I’m now making a good profit. Until next time – keep your overall’s clean and machinery well oiled 😎👍

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