CMMC April Close Up or Macro

Another week and another Midweek Madness Challenge to answer😊 Unless I break out the Sigma 150mm Macro lens from its hibernation and fire up the Canon 5D, this always is always going to be a post of close ups although the Fujifilm X-Pro2 does let me get quite close😉 I’m tempted to try the Moto g50 in close mode but maybe that’s for another time. Anyway, here we go with this week’s photos that were all taken around home.

Kitchen Towel – A study of light and shade…


Out in the graden, we have peanut cake laced with berries and juice – it’s popular with the Starlings and here we can see their beak marks…

I found a dusty pack of pens lying in a drawer…

And finally, out in the garden again, the Forget-me-nots are flowering…



  1. Super subjects for the challenge, Martin. I was really taken with the peanut cake. I have never infused mine with anything, and I’m about to change that! We don’t have starlings, but there birds enjoy the feast.

    1. Hi Debra – I buy my p/cake ready made from the same supplier where I get my other feeds. Some have seeds, some have insects and this one has berries.

      You may not have Starlings in your garden but they are in the USA as an Invasive species. You’re gonna love how they came to be introduced! Here’s the USDA page – . I think they’ve gone beyond the level where extermination is possible 😉

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