Sharing Sounds

It’s been a while and with Alasdair away at Uni I find myself exploring on my own🙄 Sometimes that is a good thing because it results in some introspection – a revisiting of favoured artists from the past. So, here’s one that Alasdair doesn’t like very much and my young friend Vasilije described as something along the lines of ‘Demonic Music’. But I like it a lot. This is My Name is Ruin by Gary Numan…

…For those who may be wondering, the young lady in the video is Gary’s Daughter, Persia, and she has performed this song with him live on stage👍

Now for a much less well known band (at least in the UK) – Röyksopp. I just love this track, ‘Running to the Sea’…

…With such a sad sound it’s understandable that there are a number of interpretations out there of what this song is about. Alasdair was ok with that one and my friend Vasilije said it was good music for when he goes running😎

Finally – here’s something from Epi’s homeland…

…A totally different sound and proof that you don’t need to understand the words to enjoy music 😎👍 Alasdair liked this, enjoying the modern African mix and Vasilije enjoyed the light joyful sound👍

But what did you like?


  1. I really liked RÖYKSOPP, Martin, and would be interested in some other tracks. I haven’t previously heard of any of these artists, and enjoyed each one. I like the way you explore and find artists that aren’t well known. It takes time to experiment, but it’s well worth the effort.

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