Last on the Card – March 2022

Once again it’s time to take part in Brian’s Last on the Card challenge.

Lets start with the Moto g50 – A night shot of a 102 bus parked in the turn-around at East Finchley station…

…it’s an example of a mobile camera struggling and I wish I’d had the Fuji with me for the shot.

Talking of the Fujifilm X-Pro2. You’ve already seen this shot in cropped and straightened form on my CMMC post. Here’s how it came out of the camera that day…

Finally – The Canon 5D mkiii and Football as usual…

…The Manager, Physio and some players relaxing after the game😎 The irony? – I got a better shot with the Moto g50 because of its huge depth of field – horses for courses😉

As usual, no changes to the photos – only a resize for the web.


  1. The bus photo is great, no need to complain but can understand it may have been better. Love the snowy full photo and the footy photo in a more relaxed mode this month. Great Last Photos all. Thanks for joining in Martin 🙂 🙂

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