CMMC – Week 5 of March Spring or Autumn Season

Full of the joys of Spring? Or up and down like the weather? Here’s my Midweek Madness entry with thanks to Cee for the challenge. All the photos were taken in March this year 😎

An overcast start to the month with intermittent rain. I caught G-ZOLA scud-running over Potters Bar while photographing the football…

G-ZOLA is a Diamond DA-42NG Twin Star.

Next week saw the weather turn bright and sunny and the birds began collecting nesting materials…

…A Magpie between the tracks at Upper Holloway Station picks up some twigs. Its mate was doing the same on the other side too.

By the middle of the month it was wall to wall sunshine though the midday shadows remained long…

…and it was cold in the shade. I joked that we were ‘Sideways to the Sun’😉

By the 21st some people had got their sunglasses and spring clothes out of the wardrobe…

…but others were still wearing coats.

It couldn’t last forever – the month closed out with overcast skies, gusting winds and snow…


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