Spotting Out-Takes

One thing that has come out of my Freedom Pass Project is the Spotting Out-Take. Basically, I share a shot on twitter that suggests that it was a good day to be train spotting. It’s very unusual for that shot to actually have a train in it😉 Although it’s usually on the station👍 This isn’t a new thing, I have often included photos of passengers amongst my train shots before but Twitter has given them a purpose.

So here’s this elderly Lady texting at Baker Street. She realised I was taking a photo and struck a pose, for which I’m grateful – without a Human presence, this would be a dead shot👍

Baker Street Texts

I posted the shot with the patient and nurse at Watford a few days back – that was another example. Here’s a slightly different situation. Do you ever sit down and enjoy reading your texts/book with your dog, in the sun, on a railway station? If not, perhaps you should…

Sunning on London Bridge

On a much larger scale, everyone knows you meet under the clock at Waterloo don’t they? If not, they do now😉

Meet at the Clock - Waterloo

Sometimes it’s not the passengers that provide the Out-Take – A Network Rail employee working at Shenfield acknowledges the warning toot from a passing Track Maintenance Machine…



  1. All the photos are really excellent and engaging, Martin, but the next to last photo is really special. The scale of the people below as well as the large clocks is really excellent. Nicely done!

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