Share Your Desktop – March 2022

It’s mid-month and St. Patrick’s day to boot, but my desktop doesn’t have anything green on it to share with Clare for her Desktop Challenge. Instead, it’s a shot I took back on a grey 28th February that was almost last on the card for that month. To give some background, back on 19th Feb I received my ‘old gits’ Freedom Pass and I decided to start a project aimed at making me go out and about to keep myself fit. You can read my Freedom Pass Project post to get an understanding of what it’s about.

So, here’s my current desktop…

The shot is a view of Class 465 Networker unit, 465908, standing in Dartford Station with a service for Charing Cross via Bexleyheath. These 4-car units, along with the 2-car Class 466’s, have been the mainstay of services in Kent since their introduction in 1991, when they replaced the old slam-door stock. Operated by Southeastern, a small number of Class 465’s were placed in storage last year – reputedly being replaced by Class 707 units transferring from South Western Railway. Rumour has it that the rest will be withdrawn starting in 2023 – though if you read about the issues with replacing South Western’s Class 455 units, I think that has to be a tentative date at best😉


  1. I think your Freedom Pass Project will be providing you will so many great desktop photos 😊 Thank you so much for sharing with me and joining in on the SYD fun. It’s always nice to see what you’re looking at.

    1. Thanks Clare 👍 It’s provided me with 10 days of posts – something I don’t think I’ve ever done before😐 Just hope I can keep that going..🤞

      1. I shall certainly be continuing to use the pass – it’s whether I’ll be able to continue doing a post every day that is in doubt 🤞 And I really will need to find a way to build in some variety🙄

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