The Freedom Pass Project – Update

Where to begin… As I warned in the initial post about this project of mine, the number of stations has grown. Once I started adding in the end destinations for London Underground trains, quite a few came to light. Trains don’t run from one end of the line to the other end, they go to somewhere in between. This allows a concentration of trains providing the best service in the parts of the route where it is needed most – usually central London. To take the Bakerloo Line as an example, southbound trains terminate at Elephant & Castle but when they travel north, some terminate at Queens Park, some at Stonebridge Park and a few make it all the way to Harrow & Wealdstone. That’s 2 additional termini there as an example. The upshot is that my original 68 stations has grown to 96!

One of those new additions has already been accounted for – I changed trains at Rayners Lane on that first run out after getting my Freedom Pass. Rayners Lane is a terminal point for some westbound trains on the Piccadilly Line and here’s a photo of one returning to eastbound service…

Another point from the original post, not all of these terminal points are distant or difficult for me. On Wednesday last week I took a local trip down to Highbury & Islington. I was actually going there for a combination of photographing some freight trains travelling around north London and to hopefully get something for Cee’s Midweek rainbow colours. Highbury & Islington counts for as the London Overground services from Crystal Palace and West Croydon terminate here in platforms 1 and 2. Here’s 378138 standing in platform 2 ready for a return run…

Highbury & Islington is not the most glamourous of stations from the outside although this totem and a broody sky makes for a nice shot…

…But for the enthusiast, there’s always a good amount of freight between the Overground trains on Stratford to Richmond / Clapham junction services. in the shot below, 66701 is heading west with a train of empty stone hoppers from Bow to Tonbridge…

I went home from Highbury & Islington by way of Gospel Oak – Terminus for trains from Barking. I won’t bother you with images from GPO as we’ve had a few in the past and will no doubt have some more in future – I pass through there so regularly and did so again today on my way to visit Watford Junction.

I think today’s visit will form its own Freedom Pass Project post as there’s a fair bit to cover at that location, so until next time 👍


  1. Fascinating Martin! This reminded me of when I was about 11, so a long time ago, when I used a Runabout Ticket which allowed unlimited rail travel for a week in a defined area around Southampton. Much fun was had and train spotting done,.

    1. Sounds Great Philip😀 I did quite a few Rail Rovers back in the 70’s / 80’s. Then I took a break and went after planes. Came back to train tentatively in 2012 but didn’t really settle to it. Made a clean start in May last year but Covid got in the way. Now I’m getting fully up to speed and visiting some old haunts and some places I’ve never been to😎

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