Last on the Card – February 2022

Joining in once more with Brian’s Last on the Card Challenge👍 In keeping with my ‘only use the mobile phone camera when I don’t have an actual camera with me’, I didn’t take any shots with the Moto g50 this month.

On the Canon 5D mkIII, we have the last shot from a tight game between Wingate & Finchley and fellow strugglers Brightlingsea Regent on 26th of February…

…Dylan is harassing their keeper in an attempt to steal the ball, but nothing will come of that and the ref will get bored and blow the final whistle a minute early. Both teams really needed a win, but the 1-1 Draw was probably a fair result. It was interesting to join a chat between the managers after the game – seems they were at the West Ham academy together as youth footballers😎

I took a train-spotting trip out to Dartford on the 28th of February. It was a grey day but the Fujifilm X-Pro2 generally handled the light and the colours well. Sometimes you can’t get the shot you’d like because of circumstances – like when the train is running through a platform with no room to create an angle…

…The idiot in the woolly hat actually walked right to the edge of the platform as the train approached. He would have totally ruined my photo but, much worse, he must have really worried the driver as a potential suicide – we sadly get too many of those currently. Fortunately he stepped back behind the line again. I do wonder what some passengers are thinking 😒 66729 is hauling a late running load of stone hoppers from Acton to Tonbridge.

Both photos unaltered except for resizing for the web.


  1. I am so amazed Martin!!! An action footy shot (bad luck about the result) and a train photo. How come I don’t get the beauty and the beast shot just a jerk in a beanie 😂 Fabulous Last Photos. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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