CMMC – February Alphabet “X” marks the spot or the Letter X

Running late – which is frustrating as I took most of the photos for this challenge a week ago on Tuesday! But it was a busy weekend and lots of football photos to process. So my posts have had to wait. Anyway, here we go with ‘X’ for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge 👍

Oxford Street in London’s West End…

…Oxford Street is full of shops and several well known brands use the letter X. There’s Next for example…

…and there’s T.K.Maxx…

A lot of the shoppers will have arrived by Underground at Oxford Circus station…

Now an older shot at a different location – A National Express coach at Victoria…

…and there’s a convenient ‘X’ in the roof above 😎


  1. Although the bus is the central figure in the first photo from Oxford Street, I was captivated by the beautiful salmon pink building. A tremendous photo!

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