Share Your Desktop – January 2022

It’s mid-month and time to once again join in Clare’s Share Your Desktop Challenge. Another real world shot for me this month depicting a train passing through Hither Green in south-east London…

Hither Green forms a junction for lines connecting to the north and south Kent coasts as well as East Sussex. Trains taking the tracks leaving the right of the photo will be heading towards Dartford. It’s quite a busy freight line with a lot of aggregates traffic. The 4 tracks sweeping to the left take the passenger towards Orpington and Sevenoaks. The train in the photo, formed of two Bombardier Electrostar units with 375706 leading, is operating a Charing Cross to Hastings service. The photo was taken on November 18th last year when the leaves on the trees were only just turning gold. In the hazy distance you can see the tower blocks of Lewisham.

The photo was taken with my Fujifilm X-Pro2 using the 55-200mm lens at 200mm – a 300mm equivalent zoom that has accentuated the curve of the tracks. ISO1600, 1/850th and f8 complete the techie info.


      1. No apology necessary, Martin. I’m just such a happy little blogger because you join in on the fun each month. I always look forward to seeing your photo whether it be virtual or not.

    1. That’s very kind Debra – I have had some transport shots published and I have copies of the books in my collection but I don’t know if I would ever get around to organizing some of my train shots into a book. Books usually need to have a subject that defines what the reader can expect within. I might have a go at creating a Calendar one year 🙂

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