CMMC January Close Up or Macro

Some football match close-up shots to start off Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge this week.

Hot tea is good on a cold night…

…But in the Summer, a cool beer might be preferred…

When the game’s over, there’s time for the kids 🙂 …

Now for something controversial… Here’s the story to explain. Last Friday there was an aircraft doing aerial survey work over my house. Normally aircraft are now fitted with an ADS-B transponder that reports their identity, but this one wasn’t or it wasn’t functioning. So, although I could see it high above me (estimated 8000ft), I had no idea of its identity. I tried reading it with the telescope but found I couldn’t hold the ‘scope steady enough to resolve the registration. In the end, I reached for the Fujifim X-Pro2 and the 55-200mm lens…

…and that’s how I finally identified the aircraft – Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II, G-TDSA. You can see the survey camera below the fuselage, just aft of the wing. So, that’s not a ‘close-up’ in the traditional sense, but it is an example of getting close by using a powerful lens to take a photograph – with the crop factor on the X-Pro2, I was using a 306mm equivalent lens.


  1. I really enjoyed each of your photos, Martin, and the story of the aircraft was really interesting. It’s a great photo shot. But my favorite has to be the exchange with the young child. The way the two have locked eyes and the smile and ease between them is just lovely! What a wonderful moment to capture!

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