CMMC – December Alphabet Starts with R

I’m going to slot this in quickly now because I have a busy 3 days ahead and otherwise I might not get to do the challenge. As you might expect, R is a common letter to start place names but I’m going to do my best to avoid that 😉 Ooops – Here’s a shot taken in Rome..

…Taken in the Forum, this mural is to be found in the Temple of Romulus.

Nothing contentious about this shot – Railings…

…To be found outside ‘Buck House’ 😉

River is a good one, so here’s the River Thames…

…coming upstream with Refuse containers, and having just passed Rotherhithe, is the tug ‘Recruit’.

Closer to home, this is Brent Reservoir – always home to a lot of wild fowl; mainly Swans in this view…

By this time, Cee is probably wondering where all the trains are 😉 Sorry Cee, no Rails this time but I do have a coach for you…

…Always smartly turned out, Richmond’s of Royston 🙂

Catch up with Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge here.


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