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I could hear the muted sounds of gaming machines and the occasional elated cry. We were in a small room out back of a casino – I’d asked Carmel to organise and I shouldn’t have been surprised in her choice of a venue on Shoshone territory. It made sense for us to meet here in a company central location – a very important announcement to be made and I wanted as many of the lead drivers and dispatchers to be present. I noted that there were some missing – notably John from the Olympia office – but I was pleased to see that many had made it either with rides on company deliveries or in their personal cars.

It was a great to see that Frank was there – a spotty faced youth that we employed as an accountant 6 months back. He had all the tickets to be a fantastic accountant and then he goes and demonstrates a natural ability to be possibly the best dispatcher ever… We’re left looking for an accountant again while he has control of our Colorado operation!

I swept the room further and spied Rodriguez hiding in a shadowed corner – His reflective shades gave him away! He’s one of our characters and is the lead driver for New Mexico. He never takes off his shades or his Stetson and his boots are pure western – he also chews an unlit cigar! Most companies have a uniform policy that he would never fit in with, but we don’t. As a big company that retains its small company persona, it delivers dividends – Rodriguez is known and loved by his customers and they keep coming back to us, so why would I ask him to change?

Our longest serving driver, Mille, is here too and I’m pleased to see her. She hung up her gauntlets a year back and took on the dispatcher’s role for Northern California and South Oregon. I note that she’s glowing – a child on the way, so the change is going well for her. Of course, that means we’re going to have a maternity leave issue sometime soon, but that’s going to be Jed’s concern because I won’t be here…

…And that’s the reason for this meeting…

I’ve been getting stale of late and I need to have a fresh challenge. I broached the subject with Jed a couple of months back – time for me to sell out and go elsewhere. Jed, being the level-headed one, talked me through it over some beers. There’s no need to sell-up at all, just create a division in the company. Jed always has an answer for everything! After much debate – it’s amazing how much ground you can cover in a couple of beer fuelled evenings! – a plan was formulated. Jed would buy half the company from me and I would start the new division. That’s what I’m here to announce and it’s a lot easier than saying “I’m leaving”…

So I told them the story. Republik of Bakersfield is no more – long live the King – The company will become Republik General Haulage. We’ve spread too far to be ‘of Bakersfield’ anyway! So, it’s just a change in name and no change for any of the employees – things carry on as normal… with one caveat. I will be setting up Republik Plant and Supplies. Over time the lowboy trailers and possibly some of the trucks will be transferred across to the new subsidiary. But to start with I’m on my own, which is just how I like it to be 🙂

The announcement went down pretty well – I guess it wasn’t too much of a shock and maybe some of our employees know me a lot better than I know myself! I called Carmel to one side as the meeting broke up… “Would you be willing to come across in a few months time to be my dispatcher?” I asked, “You see I’m setting up in Twin Falls and that’s northern Shoshone territory – I’d really appreciate your expertise.” “I’ll see…” – well that’s about the most positive I’m likely to get from the ever enigmatic Carmel 😉

The next day I moved into a dilapidated shed in Twin Falls. It wasn’t like home but I guess I can make it one and I fired up the first truck in our new division – say hello to Motown Dog…

Post script – Let’s talk reality – This is a change in American Truck Simulator that came about as a result of my split profiles experience in Euro Truck. The benefits of running 2 profiles outweigh all the complications. But in ATS it’s a little bitter-sweet. Bakersfield has always been my home – now, for my main profile it won’t be. Unlike Euro Truck, the expansions have made California almost peripheral to where the action is. Additionally, as I am specialising in general cargo and refrigerated loads in Euro Truck, going for open cargoes and machinery as dedicated loads in American Truck makes for a good contrast in my gaming experience 🙂 Republik General Haulage still exist in my other profile, so I haven’t really left 😉 ps – In Euro Truck my non-company profile is based in Stuttgart while my Company remains in our Montpellier home – that won’t change 🙂


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