Share Your Desktop – October 2021

It’s time to show my desktop once more for Clare. This is a nice simple challenge that doesn’t require a lot of work, so why not take part? You can catch Clare here and I know she’ll love your entry 🙂

My desktop currently is a screenshot from American Truck Simulator. This truck drifting through the rugged landscape is an International LT and she’s called Kimberly. The LT is a new arrival to the game and represents what SCS Software do so well – providing free content alongside the paid expansions and often without any fanfare. But that’s not the whole story. This screenshot is taken in the Utah borderlands…

…and we’re on the Route 89 between Page and Kanab. Some of my US readers may actually recognise this as being a good representation of the area near Paria? When I say it’s not the whole story, I refer to the other things that go on unannounced. I drove along the I-80 through northern Nevada on Friday and that road has evolved in game to become so much more real – pure desert now has isolated areas of greenery and the road is no longer a flat run. That’s what happens in American Truck Sim – the geography changes as the dev’s update their skills. If you don’t drive a route for a couple of weeks, who knows what awaits you? 🙂 Unlike so many other games companies, SCS don’t trumpet every improvement – we’re often left to discover for ourselves or be surprised by a new addition with minimal advance notification!

When I have one of my trucking shots on the screen, it’s a reminder of all the fun I’ve had in SCS Software’s trucking simulators. Tonight I’m parked up in Phoenix AZ and, in Europe, I’m in Nantes – not many people can be in two places at once;-)


  1. Seriously Martin! The people who make these games have taken graphics to a new level altogether. I swear this looks so real (even though I’ve never been there and have nothing to compare it to). Again, thank you for joining in on the SYD fun 🥰 and sharing this with me.

    1. np Clare 🙂 I obviously know what section of road I took the screenshot on during my delivery. Then I did a google maps compare which is how I know roughly where it’s supposed to be 🙂 Given the need to scale the map so we don’t have to drive for a real world 10 hour shift, the map designers are always seeking to capture the feel of the location and sometimes it seems almost like a representative snapshot. That certainly seems to be the case on this section of road 🙂

  2. Wow – how cool is that! It’s been a long, long time since I drove that stretch of road, but this looks amazingly accurate to the area. Thank you for sharing!!

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