CMMC October Close Up or Macro

Here’s my entry of close-up’s for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge.

Lets start with one that I could have used for last week’s subject – Autumn. The last surviving Blackberries…

…found on a visit to Long Lane Pasture on Wednesday. Also at the pasture, signs of insect activity – Galls on an Oak leaf…

…These are a mix of Silk Button Spangle Galls and Common Spangle Galls (the green blobs). They are produced by two related species of Gall Wasp and each gall houses a Wasp Larva. The Galls are chemically induced by the adult Wasp.

On our last visit to Kew Gardens I was able to get a photo of this Common Darter…

…sunning itself on a stone wall.

Back once more to the pasture and a rather pretty autumn sight…

…Not flowers, as you might think, but the fruit of the Spindle Tree 🙂


  1. These are great photos, Martin. I really like the Galls on the oak leaf. I’ve never seen anything resembling them, so your photo was instructional!

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