Trucking Digest

It’s Done! I have completed the Pathfinder achievement for Euro Truck Simulator 2 🙂 I estimated, based on the progress between July 4th and August 5th, that it would take me another 2 weeks to finish the final 2.25% that was outstanding. But shelving almost all my blogging to concentrate on the driving produced a good amount of additional time and I really knuckled down to getting it done!

Here’s the map – it doesn’t zoom out far enough to show the whole of the area…

…You can see it says 100% in the top left. Below is a screenshot of the game page on Steam that shows the Pathfinder achievement and the fact that I have now completed all of the available achievements…

…That is, until the next dlc releases 😉 …

The last truck used to carry me over the line was this Iveco Stralis and we covered 14858km during the last three days…

…roughly 20 hours of game time – I did say that this achievement required a lot of work! Now I can concentrate on building my company in the other profile and just driving for fun in this one 🙂 I have also split my profiles in American truck Simulator, so expect some updates from there soon.

Job done early means that I can return to blogging and I will be doing a normal post tomorrow evening. Til then, Keep the shiny side up! 🙂

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