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This post, for want of a better choice of words, is an announcement. I will be taking a 2-week break from posting on WordPress. Trucking Digest is the right place to explain why that is…

Back on 10th July I reported that I was trying to complete the Pathfinder Steam Achievement – the one where you have to visit 100% of the game map. I’d cleared the 90% coverage of the map on July 4th and realised that I needed to push on and get this most punishing of achievements done. I thought at that time that I had a big window to get it done – SCS Dev’s were working towards a new Russian map and that would take some time.

This week SCS posted about a small mapping team that was working on updating some of the older maps. You can read about it on the SCS Blog. I recognise things like Melk Abbey and the Eco service station on the French/Swiss border – they are working on the old maps between Austria and Lyon in France. That’s an issue for me in that I have cleared off all the existing roads in those areas and any map upgrade there will set me back significantly in my quest to complete the Pathfinder Achievement.

So, the pressure is on and I really want to get this done. That means taking a break from other things that get in the way. That’s why I am taking a two-week holiday from blogging.

So, I’m grinding away and 97.75% done…

…See you soon 🙂


  1. I didn’t think that Pathfinder is that difficult to do. Mind me, I have only 70% discovered (with all expansions) so I’m not even close but also I’m not an achievement hunter… Only in Hitman games. There I’d spend 4 hours on a single map to clear out at least 3 feats, out of 19 of course.

    1. You’ll find out if you do try to clear it off. There are lots of little roads all over the maps that you wouldn’t use while doing a job. Then there’s all the bus stations, rest stops and driver recruitment places… It’s a time sink 😦

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