This week the Public Art Challenge is hosted by Marsha – I should have been posting this yesterday but I’m playing catch-up. Still, hopefully I’ll be back on my Monday schedule for next week 🙂

Lets start with a piece of mystery art – I found this posted on a bridge close to home…

…Made of 25 individual sheets of A4 paper forming a mosaic of an image of people shouting, or screaming maybe? Who it’s by or the why behind it, I have no idea but it makes a change from the usual grafitti 🙂

A more official art piece in the form of the Middlesex County crest which once adorned the brickwork in the centre of the bridge before the North Circular Road was widened…

…Now it is mounted at one end of the concrete wall and the one from the other side of the road is fitted to the opposite end of the wall (The path on the other side disappeared as part of the road widening). It should be natural bronze but grafitti lends it some colour.

I showed one of Sean Henry’s works a couple of weeks back and promised I would show another one. Simply titled Seated Man, 2011…

…Human interaction gives some scale to the figure.

Here’s another seated man…

…A sculpture of ‘Spike’ Milligan – Actor, Comedian and Author (and probably a lot more besides!). Crafted by local sculptor John Somerville and installed in the gardens of Stephens House by The Finchley Society. The work is titled ‘A Conversation with Spike’ – you are encouraged to “Take a seat for a quiet chat with our local comic genius.”


  1. I think I like the first one best, Martin. I’ve never seen anything like it. I also love your statues, especially the man who had friends. He looked very realistic. I loved this whole post, Martin. 🙂 Thanks for joining in. 🙂

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