Share Your Desktop – July 2021

Once again it’s time to share my desktop for Clare’s challenge. It’s another virtual world shot that greets me each morning with pleasant memories of a drive down the E55 along the Adriatic coast of Italy…

You can see from the roadsigns that we’re passing Ancona, where the autostrada moves inland to avoid the city. I’m driving Azyet, a DAF XF105, and we’re hauling a load of Vinegar from Graz in Austria down to Pescara. The clouds suggest that there may be rain later but we reached our destination with the sun still shining 🙂


    1. Thank you Clare 🙂 The quality of the worlds in computer games and simulations now is amazing. You no longer have to apply your imagination to mentally remove jagged artifacts from the image as you play. When I’m sitting in that truck cab, I might as well be sitting in my irl car! 🙂

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