CMMC – July Close Up or Macro

Lets start this week’s CMMC with something personal. I have new glasses 🙂 …

… and that’s the X-Pro2 at the bottom – my daily use camera.

In the garden, the thistles continue to grow well and the birds are loving it. This is the flower of Great Lettuce…

…a member of the thistle family that grows to over 6 feet tall! The Brambles are also flowering and the berries are starting to set…

…If we want some of those we’ll have to be quick because we’ll be racing the Blackbirds for them! 😉

To finish, this is the cover of my address book – the design is taken from Pueblo pottery…

That’s all folks – take a look at Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge and enjoy the photos – and perhaps have a go yourself 🙂


  1. Very nice, Martin. The glasses are very becoming, and I’d suggest will likely be even more effective in producing quality photos. You are never out of focus. 🙂

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