Coming Soon-ish

Here’s a clue…

…A Valtra belonging to the Corporation of London deployed to Hampstead Heath.

If that left you none the wiser, let me explain. I used to do sequences of posts based around Farming Simulator 2019. Oak Glen Farm was one example…

I abandoned FS19 in September last year – disillusioned by the disruption being caused by the Windows 10 issues that made the game totally unplayable. I wrote about that most recently in this post. Now Microsoft have resolved the issue, I am posting more frequently and starting to get back into the games I used to regularly write about – Fishing and Hunting have both made a return in the last 2 weeks. The issue now standing in the way of restarting Farming Simulator 19 posts is the promise of the upcoming release of Farming Simulator 22. This week, Giants Software have announced a date for that release – 22nd November 2021. So, we can expect a return to the farm soon after that, initially on the farms included in the game as I expect map mods to take a while to filter through. It will also take a while for older vehicles to come through, so don’t expect to see this Massey anytime soon 😉 …

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