CMMC – June Color – Yellow

Yesterday morning I walked down to the station with Epi and then did a little bit of photography for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge on my way back home.

On one of the side streets I found this sign…

…Nice of them to tell us – just wish all Burglars were so thoughtful 😉 The sign might be less open to mis-interpretation had it started with the ‘Anti-‘ prefix.

Local company Southgate & Finchley Coaches were positioning from their depot ready for the morning school runs, seen here on the High Road in East Finchley…

…That sun was really bright! The coach is a Volvo B12B with Plaxton Panther body.

Last week, on Tuesday, I spent some time on Stratford station, so here’s a couple of train shots showing the yellow ends to close off my entry for this week…

…Class 379 electric unit depositing passengers before making the short return trip back to Meridian Water. And here’s a pair of Class 66 locomotives on an intermodal service from London Gateway to Leeds…

…The second loco is not working – known as Dead in Train (DiT) and is either being relocated for operational reasons or is being taken for some TLC.


  1. Besides the trains which I saw on Twitter I got to say that I haven’t seen a Volvo B12B in ages! Similar looking bus, which is actually my favorite bus, is the VDL Berkhof Axial 70. You actually helped me find which model it was, we talked about it a long time ago. Good to see buses, especially buses that from time to time pass my city.

    1. We had an attempted break-in a few years back – the door defeated them because I always keep it double locked, even when we’re in. Burglary is a bit of an issue in London and especially in the suburbs.

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