Sharing Music

Normally I’d be doing this with Alasdair but he ain’t here, so I’m reliant upon you, my good friends, to listen and I hope enjoy.

I’m listening to music that relates to the US tonight and while some of it clearly has painful history from the 70’s and the past, let me start with something that is just fun… America – Sister Golden Hair…

…But tonight I find myself reminded of the film Soldier Blue. Buffy Saint Marie with such a painful song to sing…

…And then there was Joan Baez with a memory from the Civil War…

…Joan Baez has such an amazing voice 🙂

Can’t help with similar songs relating to the English Civil War – it was sooo Long agoooo… 😉


  1. Fantastic, Martin. I listen to music from this era all the time! I have everything from vinyl to streaming and whenever I need a “pick me up” these artists, and others of the era, are my medicine! My children, in their 40’s, remark that they know the music of this era because they were little children raised on these artists and tunes. 🙂 Thank you for a smile!

    1. Seems I struck a chord with both of my West Coast friends 🙂 Glad you enjoyed these Debra. I joked about there being no songs about the English Civil War and there certainly aren’t any that I can think of but I do have a concept album (remember those?) from a band called Tredegar about The Wars of The Roses 🙂

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