Jack Dore's in the Crow’s Nest
Spyglass ready at his side
Weather eye on the horizon
He scans the Caribbean Main

The Sun burns – waking past pain 
Wheals scorched by Cat ‘o’ Nine
Across his back – a Reminder
To be careful - To be watchful 

He looks for sails –Spanish sails
For Galleons hold treasure
Gold to be had - Glory for all
If the prey can be found 

And found it must be
For Drake commands – Expects!
Woe betide the sailor who’s not
Fleet afoot in the quest 

There is honour to be earned
Profit for Elizabeth, our Queen
A Share for Captain Drake
Even for those who serve beneath

So Jack watches – his pain makes for honest
The Doubloons in his minds-eye
He needs to make his mark
To find the foe

For the crew are ready - eager
Eager to fight - To plunder
Plunder Spanish holds
To pirate their gold

A Northern Line train approaches Finchley Central from Mill Hill East on April 20th 2021…

The Mill Hill East branch of the Northern Line is the remnant of the Edgware, Highgate & London Railway’s line to Edgware, which became part of the Great Northern Railway. It was part of the network of lines that connected Finsbury Park to Highgate, Finchley and also High Barnet, often referred to as the ‘Northern Heights Railway’. In 1938, the Northern Line connected to the GNR line at East Finchley and the route was electrified through to High Barnet by 1940 allowing tube trains to provide services to central London. It was originally intended to electrify the Edgware branch from Finchley Central too, but this was temporarily closed at the start WWII. The section to Mill Hill East was reopened in 1941 and electrified to serve Inglis Barracks. After the war, the line beyond Mill Hill East was reopened to freight traffic serving The Hale and Edgware with building materials as London expanded in the post war period. The planned electrification was abandoned though and the line was closed again and the tracks lifted beyond Mill Hill East in 1964.

This view looks across the Dollis Valley from Church End, Finchley. In the photo, the nearest bridge carries the line over Crescent Road in Finchley. Beyond that, the train has just crossed the viaduct over Dollis Brook – this is the highest point above ground level anywhere on the London Underground network, 60ft above the road below and a little more above the bed of the brook. The width of the bridges is indicative that the railway was originally double track. In the distance the line curves past an industrial estate into Mill Hill East Station. Houses on Bittacy Rise nestle in the trees on the horizon.

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