CMMC – April Letter E at the beginning or ending of a word

Busy weekend so I’m posting my entry for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge on the last day once more. I actually took the photos for this one last Friday, so at least they are totally new.

This first shot was difficult because of surface reflections and muck, but here is a Tadpole (actually there are several) and some Algae in a pond at Long Lane Pasture…

Somewhat easier to photograph was this Crate…

…Of course, it counts for Blue too and if you look at the centre panel you can see a stylised E and below that the words ‘Property of Express Dairy’.

Then there’s Long Lane Cafe…

To close out the set we have a One-Four-Three bus belonging to Metroline…

…Whilst it’s not obvious to the non-enthusiast, I can tell you that the vehicle type is an Enviro 200, made by Alexander-Dennis.


  1. Your mind works in interesting ways, Martin! A very eclectic and unique set of photos. I liked the blue crate, in particular!

    1. Thanks Debra 🙂 I just went for a stroll in my local area specifically to get some shots for Cee’s challenge and these were what I found. I knew the Tadpoles would be there. The Crate was a lucky spot and the bus happened to turn up just after I shot the Cafe 😉

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