CMMC – April Pick a Topic from my Photo

Taking possible subjects from Cee’s photo this week’s Midweek Madness Challenge, lets start with wagons. I can’t tell for certain if the one in the photo is a grain or bulk powder car, so I’ve picked a shot of Cement wagons…

…passing through Acton. These are empties that, having delivered a load for London’s construction industry, are on their way back to Hope in Derbyshire for their next load.

Ladders – Finchley’s Green Watch demonstrate using a ladder for a rescue at the annual station open day…

Finally, taking the slogan ‘we will deliver’ I remembered this truck…

… belonging to Stand & Deliver and appropriately carrying a Highwayman logo 😉


    1. Thanks Amy 🙂 Sometimes a going-away shot works better… Despite the enthusiast preference for a shot of the loco leading the train 😉

  1. You have so much knowledge about transportation and vehicles, Martin. I have never even heard of a cement wagon! But, now I know!

    1. I’m glad it was of interest Debra 🙂 Dry cement being a very fine powder, the wagons have a system to pump air into the cement to loosen the grains. If you look closely you can see a lot of pipework along the solebar of each wagon and a yellow valve for turning on the airflow.

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