CMMC – April Color – Light Green or Neon Green

I would have liked to do this as a poetic entry but the mind is dead and I couldn’t find a spark of inspiration. However, I did find my camera and these were all taken today for Cee’s Midwek Madness Challenge. I hope the greens are light enough and I think the last one may count as ‘neon’ 😉

Tree Identification can be difficult but I think these ‘catkins’ belong to White Willow…

Staying with Willows, I think these belong to Grey Willow…

Some fresh green leaves – on a Crab Apple I think…

All taken at Long Lane Pasture – which has reopened after a cable fault repair by the electricity company that caused the reserve to be closed for 8 weeks. To their credit they took away a load of soil that had been contaminated with oil many years ago as well 🙂

Just as short stroll down the road and some easier to identify items…

Volkswagen Beetle and mobile advert for plastic grass…

…That was a chance catch, but the thing I was relying on for a green that might be considered ‘neon’ was this – a Mercedes-Benz Arocs belonging to SQS…

…and I knew I had a reasonable chance of catching one of the trucks as SQS do a lot of highway maintenence in the area. In fact there were two, one after the other! Don’t you love it when a plan comes together 🙂


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