The Night Shift

Dimly lit - Vague city
Populated by half remembered people
Names with wrong faces
Attend meetings
Where the faces have no names

Station - Crowded platforms
Another city beckons 
Dimly recalled - I know the name
Buildings just shadows
And none where they should be
The name fades before I can grasp

An empty platform
Locomotives pass
But their numbers elude me

Has there been a war?
Futuristic city under glowering sky
Collage of films?
Nothing left, no substance
Just empty shells
A littering of still frames

Factory - Long abandoned
But I work here!
Climbing ladders, tracing wires
Going down - sub-terra
Or is that terror
Something malevolent
In the darkness
Unseen - I flee

In the Night Shift...

Martin Addison – 01/04/2021

This year I will be trying to write some poetry for #napowrimo month. It is not an official entry as my creative process is unlikely to allow for a poem each and every day. However, let’s see how we go πŸ™‚


  1. Dreams are so mysterious. And turning the images, or partial images, is poetry. Nice work, Martin. I hope you can keep the creativity coming for your poetry month!

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