10 Travel Photographs

It occurs to me that my travel photographs may be a little different to those which travel sites show when seeking to encourage tourism and they’re probably a bit different to those photos that most tourists take to remember their holiday too. So far in this set there has only been one recognised tourist attraction. It’s important to understand that for each of us a holiday is always a personal experience and that it is often shaped by our interests.

When I was a child I once had a very enjoyable holiday on the Isle of Wight. Islands often become much sought after holiday destinations with those in the tropical climes off the coast of Africa being especially popular. I have enjoyed a break on Madeira – where tourists applaud the pilot for landing safely (I’m not sure why and I am sure the crew find it embarrassing!) There is, of course, so much more to Madeira than Funchal Airport and it is a wonderful place to visit.

Tenerife is much more a ‘laze on the beach’ destination. We’ve also been there and for someone like me, it has less to hold my attention than Madeira. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy my stay. I have some nice images from both of these island destinations.

The one thing that all islands have in common is ferries and fishing fleets. A trip to Puerto Los Cristianos on Tenerife took me away from the tourist crowds and closer to the local way of life. I found people fishing off the quayside, trucks delivering fuel for the ferries and fishing fleet, and the fleet itself…


  1. I enjoy your travel photos and story, Martin. You’ve been to some very interesting places I very likely will never see. I’m enjoying your series very much.

    1. Thanks Debra πŸ™‚ I have never been to the US, Canada or South America – to name but a few places that I may never get to see! There’s a lot of world out there, too much for one lifetime πŸ™‚

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