10 Travel Photographs

When I married Epi, it was only natural that we should visit her homeland and stay on my Mother-in-Law’s farm. We’ve been there twice – subsequent intended visits were sadly curtailed by her tragic death in a road accident. Zimbabwe has some magnificent scenery and wonderful people – I have always felt welcomed by both my extended family and often by other members of the Shona people as well. While care is always advised in any country you visit, I found myself quickly recognised as the visiting Mukwasha (Son-in-Law) in the local area as my Amai was well known as a local farmer. This meant that, apart from some good-humoured banter when I was guarding the pick-up outside one of the stores, I could behave very much as I would in London. I often drove the pick-up as part of my work during our visits – it took some of the burden of Amai’s shoulders and did useful work for the farm that the labourers couldn’t do. On the occasion when I took this photo, Amai was sourcing medicines for the workers on her farm and I had the opportunity to visit Chegutu bus station opposite the pharmacy. Many long distance buses called here on their way to Harare and local people gathered around each arrival to offer bananas, mangoes and water for sale to the passengers who still had a long trip ahead of them…

…Happy memories – I could tell so many stories but it would take many posts. I hope we can visit again soon 🙂


  1. I really hope you’ll be encouraged to share more photos and stories from Zimbabwe, Martin. I really enjoyed this introduction, and now I’m wanting more. 🙂

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