10 Travel Photographs

Day three on Facebook – that was 1st March… In 2017 We travelled to Barcelona for a holiday a few days after terrorists drove down La Rambla… I felt it was important to go there despite that tragic situation. It was the second time that my Wife and I had visited that fine city and we had a very nice time. However some things had changed and, probably because we tend to wing it, we found that visits to the Sagrada Familia and Parque Guell should have been booked in advance. I understand the moves to protect the past from too many tourists – it’s now the norm in a lot of cities. Hey-ho… We just wandered around the larger gardens outside of Gaudi’s section instead and I took this photo looking across the rooftops of the city with the ships leaving harbour or travelling down the coast…

…Did we miss the attractions that we couldn’t visit? For Epi and I, probably not as we had seen them before, but I would have liked my Son to have seen inside the Sagrada Familia. Instead we travelled up to the abbey at Montserrat and learned that he is very scared of heights 😦 Then, on another day, we visited the old Barcelona FranΓ§a Station – he had no problem with that or the many churches we visited within the city πŸ™‚

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