10 Travel Photographs

I was challenged on Facebook by long time friend Alison to publish 10 travel photographs – The wording was…

“If you can’t travel at least you can live on memories. I’ve posted one of my travel photos and posted it without any explanation, then I’ll nominate someone to take up this challenge. I was challenged by Sheena Batten 10 days, 10 travel photos, 10 nominees, no explanation.
Day 9 and today I nominate Martin Addison

So I will be doing that on Facebook although I won’t be nominating anyone because I never did like ‘chain letters’ and this is basically one of those 😦

But, while I take part, I will share the chosen images here too – between other posts and with some context. So, 10 days on facebook will probably spill over to 15 days here. Some shots will have been posted on my blog before but others won’t and the addition of background info will possibly give new life too. Here is the first image…

This shot was taken in Zurich and shows a view of the River Limmat. We passed through Zurich on our way to Rome for a holiday in 2011. We were supposed to just spend a night between changing trains but it became two nights when Epi realised she had forgotten her medication and had to visit the hospital and then a local chemist to resolve the issue. So, I got to enjoy more of Zurich than the train station!

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