Share Your Desktop – January 2021

In response to Clare’s Challenge I’m sharing my desktop again. We’re once more back in a virtual reality, a fact that is given away by the oversized gifts on the trailer of the truck. My MAN TGX (named Charlie) has just coupled up to the trailer in Bonifacio on a sunny evening on the island of Corsica…

…ready to deliver the gifts to L’Ile Rousse on the north of the island. This screenshot was taken during the annual Euro Truck and American Truck Simulator Christmas Event run by SCS Software. Each year there is a target for the community to achieve and this year it was achieved in 10 days, which was something of a record 🙂 You can read about the event here.


  1. Terrific image again Martin. I’d be happy to receive one of those oversized gifts 🙂 Thank you for sharing and once again joining the fun.

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