I think the old newspapers would have called this an Extra 😉 While The Hunter – Call of the Wild is a hunting game, hunting doesn’t always equate to shooting with a gun. Here’s some photo type shots from an encounter in Hirschfelden with a young male Fallow Deer – Unsure and inquisitive he steps out of cover…

…Then more boldly out into the open…

…advancing to within a few metres…

…Until he suddenly realised I was there in the bushes. Time to go…

…and no, I didn’t shoot him, except with the camera 🙂


  1. I think the games are so vivid and realistic that I have trouble distinguishing “real” from simulated. I can only imagine where gaming is going to take you in the future with virtual reality functions. It’s fascinating to me.

    1. I think the dev’s of this game have chosen to go for a very good balance between detailed and fuzzy. It makes for a realistic appearance 🙂

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