West Newton Farm

You’re probably thinking ‘Hang on! I thought we were working Boundary Farm?’ We are but much of what I’m doing there is repetitive work mainly for other farmers so I thought I’ll give you an update a little later in the week. Instead I thought a post about starting on West Newton Farm……in Ayrshire might bring some variety.

If you recall back to my post where I gave my reasons for selecting the Six Ashes map for a play through, I explained that the provision of lots of equipment at the main farm on the West Newton map hints heavily that the player should be opting to work there. It is a dairy farm and that means buying cows, which I’m not entirely ready for! However, I think perhaps I can slowly learn on the job 😉 The farm comes with 3 grass fields… and will leave you with £104k in the bank when you buy it. However you won’t need to buy a lot of equipment to start with as most of the things you need are there. For example, there’s a header for a harvester hiding in the workshop……There’s grass mowing and baling equipment along with a Valtra A series tractor in the big barn……along with a Joskin Betimax animal trailer and some seeds, fertilizer and herbicide……there’s also a selection of lifter tools like pallet forks, etc, out back.

In the small barn there’s a New Holland TX32 to go with the header in the workshop, along with seeding equipment and a crop sprayer……There’s a water tanker standing outside……opposite the cowshed in which you find a New Holland T6.175 and a Kuhn Knight RA 142 auger wagon for mixing and delivering cattle feed……I’ll need to read up about how to use that! Finally, parked outside the farmhouse is a pick-up…

There are some surprising omissions. There’s no Tedder for drying Grass to make Hay. There’s no weight for the tractors to prevent them being tipped by heavy loads or equipment. With seeding equipment you’d expect a plough and a means of cultivating but neither are present. And finally, there’s no trailer for either moving things around or taking grain from a harvest to a sell-point. So there are some things you will probably need to buy as you progress. In fact I went off straight away to get a weight from the dealer in the Valtra. Gonna need that if I’m going to move the herbicide and such around!

The other odd thing is the positioning of some of the equipment/vehicles. When I got back I had decided that my first prioity was to repair the main tractor and the harvester, then relocate things in a manner that was more sensible to my way of thinking. Here’s the main barn……and here’s the small barn……The tractors can rest up in either barn but there’s also room in the workshop, so the Valtra is currently in there…

IRL it’s been a busy day – sandwiched between doing the game-play this morning and writing this post this evening, I did the 200 mile round drive to drop my Son off at University. Now I’m tired 😉 I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at West Newton Farm. I intend to continue posting from both farms although priority will be given to Boundary Farm. I also need to post some more Trucking Digest and possibly some other games, so the frequency of the farming posts will decrease a bit once more.

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