Trucking Digest

Another trip out in SCS Software’s Euro Truck Simulator 2. On this run I’m driving my Renault Premium named ‘Isobella’ – she has a 430HP engine and a 12sp automatic gearbox – and I have an 18t load of film rolls bound for Rennes. Here is a screenshot of Isobella in action on a different run so you can see what she looks like on the outside…

Departing Lille at the start of the run may seem a little tentative. The roads in this area of the map have recently been upgraded to the current standard and I’m still finding my way around the autoroutes in that area (very much like visiting somewhere new in real life!). About 10 mins into the journey an ai coach cuts in front of me and brakes sharply – One advantage of the ‘silent trucking’ format is you won’t hear the choice words expressed about the coach driver at that point 😉 After that it’s a straight forward run across northern France, crossing the River Seine on the Pont de Brotonne (17:30). It had been a nice sunny day but we ran into a thunderstorm a little further down the road (22:00) so I had to slow for the road and traffic conditions. The weather gradually improved as I travelled further west. The ai traffic were still playing games on the Rennes ring-road causing me to come to a stop on one of the slip roads (32:00). Finally arrived at our destination (37:30) for a medium difficulty park 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this run – I will try to do a video of a run on more rural roads in the future.

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