Today we’re going to take a trip from Mannheim to Amsterdam in our white DAF XF named ‘Lady Galadriel’. In terms of the route within Euro Truck Simulator 2, this entails driving mostly on the older map builds although there is a section within Germany where we encounter the updated map with improved quality and realism. I have recently re-enabled a mod to improve the traffic realism, so you will see more ai vehicles. If you watch closely, quite early on, there has been an accident on the opposite carriageway and later there is a car that has clearly spun!

Lets talk interiors. In my US trucks the ostentation is most commonly chrome and paint although I often have a dreamcatcher or something else as a hanging ornament. In Europe it’s more likely that there will be interior hangings. For my in-game trucks, they can be a reminder of the past activities. So, the right-hand pennant on the windscreen in ‘Lady Galadriel’ is a Turkish Tourist Board advert whilst on the dash itself you can see a Turkish flag. This is a reminder that she was the truck that did the ‘Orient Express’ achievement, driving from Paris to Istanbul along the route of the famous train. Other trucks in my fleet also have reminders of their achievements. The Home Trucker hanging is a reminder that we’re still following Covid-19 guidelines and should act appropriately – several of my trucks in Europe and the US carry that one.

This video is 38 minutes in length. If you can stay with it until I make a fuel-stop roughly midway, you will see the improved maps and be able to compare with the earlier version (most noticable at intersections). You’ll also experience some unpleasant weather. A bit later on we’ll cross the Rhine on the Rodenkirchener Brücke with a glimpse of Köln to the north. If you have the extreme fortitude to stay with me until we arrive in Amsterdam you’ll be rewarded with a very nice sunset 🙂

If you’re out on the roads, drive safe. If you’re in the US braving either Fire or Flood – again, stay safe!