Trucking Digest

Last time I gave you the chance to ride with me in our modern Mack Anthem, Keystone. Today I thought I’d share a drive with you down route 55 in Idaho. We’re taking a Reservoir Tank from Lewiston to Nampa on one of our flatbed trailers. Your host for this trip is our Freightliner FLB, Autumn Gal, with her 430HP Detroit Diesel 60 series 430HP engine and 13 speed box. I collected the kerb leaving Lewiston because I thought the coach in the other lane would come straight through instead of giving me room – but at least I left the sign in situ 😉 Other than that minor issue at the start, it was a pleasant drive down Idaho State Highway 55 following the Payette River for much of the journey. Even the DoT were getting with the program and waving me through 🙂 There was a nice tricksy park at the delivery point to complete the fun. I really like the way that the sound of the DD engine comes across when driving this truck – very close to the real thing! Hope you enjoy joining me for the ride 🙂

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