It’s been a while since I last posted about The Hunter – Call of the Wild. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from a game and sometimes it’s just that we’ve become too involved with a different game. The latter is certainly true of the Oak Glen Farm series that I was posting. In many ways I just wanted to get a play-through from early beginnings in Farming Simulator 19 completed and I think I have now achieved that. So, as that series goes into ‘updates’ mode I find I have some time to get back to hunting.

On returning, I decided it was time to push on with the many story missions in the game. I decided to concentrate on Layton Lakes as I want to find out who was turning over Hope’s camp and tie up some of the other loose ends. There are lots of side missions too and I’ve been knocking out quite a few of them. One example of chained missions from the reserve warden involved Black Bears and culling their numbers. Most recently we had to remove 4 of them. I’ve mentioned in the past that not all bears are black, so while this bear that I shot from a hunting stand using a .44 revolver is the ‘correct’ colour……This one, victim of my 6.5mm rifle, is a rather fetching blonde… As an aside, there was a little bit of friendly banter going on between two of my young trucking colleagues on Twitter, which centred around Masha and the Bear. I couldn’t resist tweeting “Sorry guys, I think I’ve shot the Bear 😉

Of course, while the game is about hunting, there’s always time to enjoy some of your encounters with the wildlife and to breathe in the scenery…

In yesterday’s Trucking Digest I posted a video of one of my shorter drives. I’m going to close this post with a video of a short hunt to bring some life to the game for those of you who have not played it. Unlike most in-game videos that you will find on YouTube, there is no commentary and I haven’t edited anything out to just show shooting action. So we have 30 minutes of hunting around the northern end of Balmont Lake in the early morning. It includes hunting Blacktail Deer with a bow. then there’s an encounter with a Bear – I think we were both surprised and the outcome was probably best for us both! 😉 Then I couldn’t hold the rifle still to shoot a Moose at 100m, normally a shot I’d have no problem with 😦 Finally I redeem myself with two heart shots to complete the hunt…

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