Trucking Digest

Thursday July 16th saw the promised release of Idaho for American Truck Simulator. Prior to that release the core game was updated to v1.38 introducing graphical and sound improvements along with some new roads and changes made to facilitate the new DLC. There was also a new ‘viewpoint’ feature included in Idaho – something I will be trying out later this week. Every new release has raised the bar regards the map-modelling and player expectations were high for this release. I think it’s fair to say, we weren’t disappointed!

Along with the release came a short Community event requiring us Truckers to deliver good to or from each of the 11 cities modelled in the game for a personal reward. The Community were required to complete 30 million miles of driving – which would release the community reward. In terms of a Community event, that’s not a lot of miles and understandably was completed in 3 days. SCS Software had anticipated this and the personal reward element will be remaining available for some timme to come so that as many players as possible can get the special paint scheme šŸ™‚

I chose to drive this event in Kenny, our Kenworth K-100e with a 425HP Cummins ISX12 engine and 13 speed gearbox. It’s time I did some manual driving again after the automated luxury of the Mack Anthem šŸ™‚ Here are some screenshots taken in Idaho during the event……as you can see, the scenery is great!

This morning, before penning this post I took a trip down to Jackpot, Nevada, which is a town that has had some changes as a direct result of the Idaho release. Some nice vistas on route 93 along the way and, on arrival I found the old truck maintenance depot has been replaced by a shopping mall!…

That’s the trucking news – Keep the shiny side up! šŸ™‚

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