Oak Glen Farm

The farming goes on following the natural cycle of harvest, prepare, sow, fertilize and harvest again. Manor Field (13) has produced a good crop of wheat which I harvested yesterday……That’s all gone into a silo for the time being while I wait for prices to rise. I tapped off some for the Chickens. After harvesting a grain crop there’s always a great Straw harvest to be collected too……That’s £8k sitting there!

Ale House Field produced a good crop of Corn and now needs ploughing. I sold the first trailer load of 17000l for nearly £15k and put the rest in my grain silo where it joined the residue from helping out harvesting Corn in Mason’s field. I’m starting to build-up a small quantity of each type of crop I grow in this way now. In time, I should have a working stock of food that will allow me to start rearing Pigs though that is still a way off. I’m also going to be looking at helping out with root crop harvests for other farmers – any residue I get from that can go in the silos for pig-feed too. For now I’ve been planning my future crop activities. I think I’m going to put Ale House Field onto a 3 crop cycle of Sunflower, Canola, Corn, then Lime and Plough before repeating. Manor Field and Coberley Field will mix grain crops and Soy Beans – those will not require me to plough every third crop though all the fields will require Lime.

If you recall, I mentioned a grass area behind the Chicken Coop where I could harvest some wild grass to boost my Silage production? In a lull between sowing and harvesting, I decided to take a plough to that area and make it a proper field of grass……That should more than double the silage crop from that area once the grass I’ve sown is mature.

I’ve had one rash expense since the last report from the farm. I’ve needed a utility vehicle to handle small jobs like delivering eggs and taking feed to the Chickens. I could have bought a pick-up for around £35k and left the feeding of the birds to the Massey 3090 and trailer, but that means continuously reconfiguring the trailer each time so it can carry grain or a load of pallets. I looked at getting a flatbed van like the MAN TGE that is available as a mod for the game. I tried it out and didn’t like it. In the end I went and bought a Lindner Unitrac (another mod) which costs £98k… This is a true off-road vehicle – worth reading about on the company’s website…I’ve bought the tipper module and that allows me to do those Chicken related jobs. In the future, when Pigs join our menagerie, I can add a tank module at very low cost to deliver water as well as using the tipper to deliver food to them. So an expensive purchase initially but one with a busy future ahead if my plans come to fruition. But for the moment it’s just FUN!!! 🙂

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