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I’ve had a rest. Much as I love the relaxation of driving around Europe and the US, I probably needed one too. Running up to mid-May I was working hard to clear off some of my outstanding Steam Achievements. I think that drained me a lot – it’s amazing how much work is involved in just playing a ‘game’. Then we had the special event, Operation Genoa Bridge. Normally I throw myself into any community event but on this occasion several things weighed against that level of involvement.

Lockdown – One of the effects of lockdown has been a growing together of the trucking community on Twitter. I now have a number of new friends that I chat with daily. They’re all over the world – The nearest (UK excluded) is in France and farthest is in Australia. It’s a real mix of ages too with the youngest being 13 – I suspect I’m the oldest πŸ˜‰ Our love of the truck simulator games is the common denominator although photography is another subject that is shared between us πŸ™‚

The friendship quotient played its part in my not getting extremely involved in Genoa Bridge event – some of my friends couldn’t do their quota of deliveries to get their personal awards very quickly due to some real life issues like – Homework (shock horror!) and trying to save a business after the lockdown. I held back to give my friends every chance to complete. But that had the effect of me not getting a real flow on. I did do some deliveries for the community as a whole but once I’d got my own quota complete I didn’t push on to do as much as possible which is what I’d normally have done.

Meanwhile, I’ve been discovering my mojo in Farming Simulator 19 and you’ve had a lot of posts about Oak Glen Farm – there will be more updates. I’ve also tried out a couple of other games that deserve a look from the gamers amongst you – Hardspace: Shipbreaker being the standout one that I will probably be publishing more posts about. I’ve also continued playing The Hunter – Call of the Wild and The Fisherman – Fishing Planet. So there has been a lot going on behind the break from Trucking.

But this week I’ve started to get back behind the wheel and I’ve done some driving each day. I can’t show you the new Genoa Bridge because I haven’t driven across it yet. But I can share some shots of my two DAF’s in action – the 6×4 that I did the event in and wears the paint scheme we were gifted for taking part. It was Yellow and Black but I’ve modified it to DAF’s orange and blue. My original 530HP DAF 6×2/4 is now wearing a new ‘DAFUnityEdition’ white paint scheme – another free update from SCS Software to the DAF XF Tuning Pack DLC in collaboration with DAF Trucks πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, in the US, we await delivery of a new state – Idaho. That’s scheduled for July 16th. Meantime I’ve been doing some driving in Balto, my Mack Anthem. This truck is such a pleasure to drive – I’ve even adjusted to the mirrors!

So, I’m back driving again but I will also be pushing on with my farming and hunting and whatever else… Need to try to balance it all including real-life πŸ˜‰

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