Oak Glen Farm

In most computer games there is an ‘End Game’ – a final scenario or a last boss to defeat. This is not true of simulation games. You just play until you either tire of the game or you reach a point where you are satisfied with what you achieved in the game. It’s a lot more complicated than that of course! I got to thinking, what do I think is my ‘End Game’ for Oak Glen Farm – at what point will I feel that I have reached my target for this Farming Simulator map? Currently I have Three fields under crops and two more dedicated to silage production……With the exception of Triangle Field up by the stables, my fields are to the west of the north-south road. Field 14, now known as Coberley Field and Field 13 – Manor Field, form a southern end to my territory whilst Ale House Field sits opposite my farm buildings with Spinney Field to the south. The glaring gap in my field ownership is 36, currently owned by Mason. I think that field defines my initial goal and my stretch target would be owning field 34 to the west of my farm buildings, also one of Mason’s although he never seems to have a crop in it! If I reach my target then current experience tells me that I will be too busy managing the fields that I own to expand the farm further. That, then is my end game for this map.

I’ve reached a point now where I will need to do a lot of rinse and repeat farming to get the £550k I need to purchase field 36. Ultimately, that field will need bigger machinery for ploughing and harvesting than I currently own although I did take on the corn harvest for Mason with my current harvester and my new Corn Header……This showed that it is possible to work that field with my current equipment, albeit somewhat slowly! I think ploughing that field would need a much bigger plough which in turn means a much more powerful tractor – something I might choose to hire at least to start with. A bigger trailer would also be desirable to reduce trips to the stores when harvesting and that raises the issue of where I’d park it – it’s a struggle manoeuvring the Anderson RBM 2000 around the farm yard as it is!

Anyway – with a lot of repetitive farming ahead, I’m going to reduce the regularity of the Oak Glen Farm posts again. I will post updates and screenshots from time to time. Last time I promised some Sunflowers – Here they are……And, yes, they do follow the sun! Now it’s time for an early morning harvest in Ale House Field……Then I’m going to plant Corn 🙂 See you all a few furrows down the road 🙂

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