Oak Glen Farm

…As the weeds take over, what lies ahead?..

The rain continues to pour down in the valley and gives me a moment of pause to think about where this series of Farming Simulator 19 posts is going. A few months back FS19 was very much ‘Other Save Slot’ material but our Lockdown experience has changed many things. Forced to remain indoors and find things to do, FS19 has become a much more appreciated simulation than before. The problem is that it has, in the form of Oak Glen Farm, become an almost daily post in a ‘what I did’ style. Much of farming both in real life and in the simulator is repetitive and in a blog it can become boring for anyone without an interest in perhaps playing the game. In many ways, I have given a lot of the basic’s regards gameplay in my posts. But there’s a limit to how many posts I can do before I am ploughing the same furrow over and over. I need to perhaps find a different approach to reporting on this game.

Sometimes, when I’m writing my Trucking Digest posts, I decide to tell a story woven around my game activity. Hell! – I did a short sci-fi series based on my gameplay in Elite Dangerous though that died as I moved away from the game. In some ways, the most recent update to this farming series started to go down that road as I brought in some of the other farmers and told of our interactions but I feel that it is still very much a gameplay set of posts. I think the way forward is going to be telling a tale – a sort of ‘Archers’ for the internet. I don’t know yet where that tale will go but I do know it will be set somewhere in England and will see me starting out as a cash-strapped farmer buying a smallholding.

Is Oak Glen Farm dead? No, I’ll continue with that game save and will occasionally post updates. Perhaps it’s best to view that farm as a place where I practise my skills and try out new machinery. To that end, here’s an update…

With any thoughts of harvesting out of the question, I’ve concentrated on helping out other farmers with their weed spraying and fertilizing……and I’ve made a lot of money by doing that. The bank account climbed to close on Β£210k. But, I’ve also spent some money to fertilize my own field opposite the farm. I’m not going to sow anything there yet – no point in risking 3 crops being lost! Instead I bit the bullet……Yepp, we’re buying Chickens! I’ve bought 25 brown and 25 black plus 2 Roosters. If there’s one thing that isn’t rain affected on the farm it’s egg production…

As advised before, posts from this game will become less regular but hopefully will become more user friendly. The new farm will appear under a different name and it will use the Greenwich Valley map. Here’s a YouTube video by MrSealyP that will give you a look around…

… Just be aware that I will be playing in Start From Scratch mode, so I won’t be at the farm buildings that you saw as the start point in the video, and I won’t have all that equipment! πŸ™‚ ps, MrSealyP does some wonderful ‘story’ series of videos on FS19 maps, so check out his YouTube profile!

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