Oak Glen Farm

It’s been a busy weekend down on the farm. Since the last post I have ploughed field 14 East to prepare it for a crop. That took me quite late into the evening, so I stopped for the night. I was up before the lark next morning and finding the price being offered for silage bales over at Oakfield farm was still £362 per 1000l, I drove off into the still-dark with my loaded trailer and claimed another £11614…

I saw the weather forecast and it didn’t look good for later in the day – rain expected. The wet weather was expected to start around 10am. The only thing I could do on my own farm was continue with field preparation. But neighbouring farmer, Paul, needed help with harvesting his Canola crop so I took his contract and headed off into the gloom in the New Holland……Paul’s field is up the side of the valley to the southeast and I had the devil of a job finding the track for access, but I got there in the end. It was going to have to be a quick job if we were to beat the rain. As if to confirm that, the valley was looking hazy as I emptied the first cut into the trailer…

The crop produced over 34000l of Canola – I delivered 2 trailer loads to Hill Top Stores at which point Paul said he was happy. The Contract was complete and I collected my pay and my third of the crop value – a total of £14561. There was a little surprise bonus – I still had over 4000l of canola in the harvester. With the contract complete that becomes mine! I combined it with the Canola I already had in my silo and sold the lot for another £8k.

Back to my fields and I spread Lime on 14 East before hooking up the disc harrow to work it in. Then I took the harrow round to my original field to cultivate that too. At around 10:15, the rains came……I completed the harrowing and went back to the farm. The rain limits what you can do – harvesting is out of the question and you can forget mowing and baling work too. I checked the price of silage and it was still just above £350 so I took another load of bales up to Oakfield Farm and earned a slightly reduced £11214.

Then I set off to 14 East with the seeder. I had planned to plant Wheat but when I got there I saw the Soy Beans in 14 West had matured and were in the first stage of harvest readiness… …With the rain teeming down and no sign of let-up in the forecast, it looks like I may not get to harvest that crop at all. So I planted Soy Beans in 14 East too in the hope that the rain will have moved on by the time that crop ripens. It looks like I saved Paul’s crop but lost my own 😦

After seeding 14 East, I saw that Mason had a contract to sow Barley in field 36 which is just the other side of the river. I took that job but had to get a helper to do part of it while I went to the shop to get some more seed. Offering £14k, after buying the seed and a short hire of a helper, I made just over £9k. The rain doesn’t stop you seeding – it just makes the tractor and seeder more muddy than usual.

Mason mentioned that he has a weed infestation up in field 27 that needs a dose of herbicide He asked if I’d like to take that job too? I’m thinking about it over a Farmer strength Tea 🙂 And I’ve put out my own contract – on anyone seen doing a rain dance in the local area! At this moment in time the bank balance looks a bit more healthy at just over £190k.


  1. Hi I was just wondering are there private mods? Because I play farm sim two and I can’t seem to find the map you are using or other youtubers maps and mods.

    1. Hi Jake, When the game first loads look for Mods in the menu – it’s about halfway down. If you click on that then you will be taken to the Modhub where all available mods including the maps are shown – a bit like on the store page. Choose the ones you want to add and allow them time to download then when you come out of the modhub the game will ask you to restart. Then you should get a mod screen at start up of your career slot. In that page, you have to select each of the mods. Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks I went looking on there and I can’t find all of the mods other people have. Like I can’t find the map your using and have you heard of the squad or the squad farms?

      2. I don’t know the Squad farms. The map I’m using is Oakfield Farm 19 and it’s definitely in the Modhub. Don’t let the Oak Glen Farm name confuse you, that’s taken from the nameboard of the Pig/Chicken farm on that map. ps- some people use mods from other locations so you may have to search the web to add them to your game.

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