Oak Glen Farm

Okay – The expected community event in Euro Truck Simulator is underway. I will be reporting on that soon. However, the way the event is set up means I only have to do short jobs which allows me to carry on working on the farm too! So here’s what’s happening.

In the last post I told you about our grinding work schedule – ploughing a new field and then preparing it for a crop before actually seeding it with Soy Beans. Now I’m stuck with nothing to do. The new crop hasn’t sprouted yet and the Oats in the other field are still in a growth phase. I need something to fill my ‘spare’ time. Some of that time was taken up by thinking – always a dangerous use of time. I realised that the existing trailer was going to be too small for harvesting the new field so I decided to get another Metaltech trailer, a TB14 that can handle 17000l of grain……I also took the DB8 to the shop and reconverted it back to open sides – it will now exclusively be used on transport type work. To fill in the gap between work on our own fields I drove the Massey, now wearing the front lifter and pallet forks, over to the sawmill with the DB8. We took a delivery from there up to Hill Top Stores – it was a bit of a struggle but we got it done. On the way back we checked out the new field and our Soy Beans have popped through……No sign of weeds; Yet!

By the time I got back to our farm, the Oats in our first field were ready to harvest so it was time to fire up the New Holland TC5.90 and get stuck in……I was able to fit all the harvested Oats into the new trailer – which was a slightly disappointing yield unless I was expecting too much? However, selling the crop earned me Β£14400 which was good. The bonus was the straw – I set the harvester to produce straw and we got lots of it. My tractors patrolled that field after the initial harvest with the Kuhn Baler and the Ursus pick-up trailer and retrieved 20 bales of straw……which netted an additional Β£8362. So the overall earnings from the harvest were over Β£22k πŸ™‚

Another check on our fields and I see that field 14 west has now got weeds so I head over there in the Fendt with the sprayer. I was a bit low on herbicide and couldn’t quite complete the field in one load so I took the Massey to collect a fresh 2000l canister of the stuff from the shop……That should keep us in weedkiller for a few more infestations! After completing the spray, both tractors went back to the farm and a check on the Silage price revealed that Oakfield Farm was offering Β£362 per 1000l. Time to sell a small batch of my silage bales. I loaded up the Ursus T-127 trailer with 8 bales……and took them over to the neighbouring farm. That netted me Β£11614 πŸ™‚ I’m going to drip feed the rest of them to the buyers to try and keep the price high, so back at the farm I loaded another 8 bales but left the trailer parked next to the bunker.

Now I need to prepare the field opposite the farm again, plough the new crop area over in field 14 East and keep an eye on the price of silage which is creeping up at the Stables too! Money is starting to come to me, but only because I’ve worked very hard πŸ™‚ I’ll leave you with a shot of the harvested Oats being loaded up for sale with the lines of straw…

Happy farming everyone πŸ™‚

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