Oak Glen Farm

Another Oak Glen Farm update so soon?? Sometimes life throws a curve ball or, in UK cricket terms, bowls a googly. This is particulary true of Computer Games. Yesterday evening I was trying out a grass baling job and hit a couple of problems caused by some mechanics relating to using a particular collection tool for wrapped bales. Items you’re trying to collect can act in a very bouncy manner in FS19 and I found it impossible to carry them reliably in the tools supplied for the hire job I was doing. The reason for doing the job was sensible – I wanted to learn about grass harvesting and creating silage bales. In that respect the first 3 parts of the job went well and I learnt a lot. But the last aspect of picking those round bales up was just about impossible with the tools supplied. I suspect that Giants Software have recognised this as an issue because they have provided an auto-load trailer for these bales now but I think that the job would still have given me the basic forks to pick up the bales. Anyway, after struggling for over 40 minutes and watching one bale roll away down the hill into the stream at the bottom of the valley, I conceded defeat and cancelled the job – a first for me.

This morning I went seeking the relevant trailer mod in the mods section of the game and I also downloaded some updates to other installed mods. I also bought a DLC for Anderson equipment which had some alternative options for the baling issue. When I tried to save the game not long after that, it just hung šŸ˜¦ Eventually, after waiting some minutes, I had to resort to the windows key and a stop command on the Steam site. When I logged back in to the game, my Oak Glen Farm save was gone. A really annoying outcome given that my first crop was now growing šŸ˜¦ For some players of games something like this is a cue to rage-quit, throw the controller across the room or abuse the family cat. For me it’s an opportunity to rerun the things I had done and perhaps do a better job second time around. So here we go, same farm and same first field.

Ploughing with the Fendt and Agro Masz as before. This time I think I’ve done a much better job!……now that might get a commendation in a ploughing contest! šŸ™‚ And I’ve applied the Lime…

I will continue to bring things back up to date over the next couple of days and I now have an additional skill in my armoury for when I choose another field to buy šŸ™‚

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